• Facebook: Advertising To Be 'Severely Impacted' By Apple's iOS 14 Privacy Updates
    Facebook -- saying its tests of Apple's new requirements for data collection warnings and sharing opt-ins will slash publishers' Audience Network revenue by 50% or more -- is declaring that it will simply not collect IDFAs through its apps on iOS 14 devices, which could make the network "so ineffective that it may not make sense to offer it on iOS 14 in the future."
  • Will Apple's Record Value Attract Unwanted Attention?
    Its stock market value surpassed $2 trillion this week, amid government criticism and a lawsuit alleging "monopolistic practices."
  • Ex-COO Accuses Pinterest Of Rampant Sexism
    "The company is steered by men with little input from female executives," Francoise Brougher alleges in a lawsuit.
  • Embattled TikTok Embraces American Democracy
    "We're working with experts including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to protect against foreign influence on our platform," said TikTok's U.S. general manager.
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