• Rep. Nadler: Time To Break Up Facebook and Instagram
    Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg arguably faced some of the toughest grilling and threats by lawmakers during Wednesday's Congressional hearing.
  • Republicans Try To Rope Twitter Into Antitrust Hearing
    Republicans have long taken issue with Twitter and what they consider to its liberally biased content policies.
  • China's Gaming Regs Eating Into Apple's App Store Business
    Apple removed 2,500+ titles from China's App Store in July's first week, losing an estimated $37.4 million in lifetime gross revenue. The losses will grow as more titles must be removed going forward.
  • Twitter Sending Advertisers Message With 'Subscription' Post?
    Thanks to a conspicuous new job posting, Twitter just told the world that it's developing a "subscription platform."
  • Instagram Stories Remains Missed Opportunity For Many Brands
    Considering Stories' strengths, it's not entirely clear why brands and media are not investing more time and money into the marketing channel.