• The Year Mobile And Programmatic Merged
    It was only a matter of time. Due to exceptional ad-buying efficiencies and shifting consumer tastes, the programmatic and mobile revolutions officially merged in 2015.
  • Reimagining 'The News'
    The news may seem to be in peril as a business, but there is no shortage of creative thinking about how we want to consume this content on mobile devices.
  • Mobile Modes Of Production In Post-PC Era
    From a global perspective, to say mobile devices are disrupting the digital media landscape somewhat understates the case. We have witnessed a major shift in how billions of people connect to the Internet, consume media and interact with each other. Equally significant are the changes being wrought by mobile modes of production.
  • Hit Play
    A select few of this season's titles foreshadow gaming's artistic future. But the hardware lays the foundation for a real revolution.
  • Mobile Payments In Search Of A Holiday Shopping Season
    Mobile payments are getting a fair shot during this holiday shopping seasons, but the timing may not be so good overall. Each of the various payment methods have been pretty well fine-tuned over the last year or so, but that isn't turning out to be the issue. Rather than a single mobile payment system emerging, which was not expected anyway, the different systems available to mobile shoppers can seem somewhat bewildering, not to mention what the checkout associates are facing during the payment process.
  • VR: Or, Nausea As Added Value
    Early VR tests still make me more queasy than engaged. Enthusiasts should look to 3D and interactive narrative as cautionary tales.
  • Deep-Linking Into Mobile Trends 2016
    Content and creativity will reign supreme next year -- and these are the six trends that will drive mobile advertising to new heights in 2016.
  • Quantified Selves Can Be Real A**holes
    The first casualty of war with our quantified selves may be self-delusion. Maybe that isn't as fine a prospect as it sounds.
  • Video And Mobile Growth = Mobile Video Boom For 2016
    Figures from the UK Association of Online Publishers are showing stellar growth for online video next to strong mobile growth, suggesting mobile video is the one to watch in 2016.
  • 3D Touch And The Promise Of A Living Surface
    3D Touch not only adds a necessary dimension to the touchscreen, but it nudges the metaphor of the screen forward.
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