• Facebook Opens Up About Content-Policing Problems
    Responding to fresh revelations about its content policy, Facebook is further conceding that, yes, policing about a billion people's daily interactions is hard.
  • Analysts Survey Snap's First Earnings Report
    Surprising no one, Snap's first earnings report is eliciting mixed feelings from analysts and company watchers. Among other issues, Jessica Liu, senior analyst at Forrester, believes the "camera company" has yet to prove itself in the key areas of ad tracking and measurement.
  • Amazon Leads Boom In Virtual Assistants, With Apple Way Behind
    At least the for time being, Amazon dominates this new category. Yet with Apple's eventual entry into the marketplace and Google's continued investment in the space, eMarketer doesn't expect Amazon to rule the smart-speaker roost forever.
  • Identifying Mobile Shoppers A Top Priority For 70% Of Retailers
    Retailers are increasingly looking to personalize shopping experiences by tapping into mobile technology to help them identify their customers -- a top priority for 70% of retailers, according to a new study by BRP Consulting.
  • IPhone Sales Down, Profit Up For Q2
    Apple sold 50.8 million phones during the quarter ended April 1, down from 51.2 million sold during Q2 2016. Yet Apple actually made more money from phone sales -- $33.2 billion, which was up from $32.9 billion -- meaning that the company is now making more moola per device.
  • Facebook Touts Instagram's Growth
    Instagram has surpassed 700 million monthly active users, the Facebook unit recently announced. And according to internal calculations, the social network is adding MAUs at a record rate.
  • Viewability Is Mobile Marketing's Achilles Heel
    Mobile advertising has now overtaken desktop in both the UK and U.S., according to the respective IAB figures. There's just one problem -- viewability.
  • Consumers Can Stomach Ads In News Feeds, Research Shows
    Sixty-seven percent of users say the social video ads that appear in their news feed do not disturb their browsing experience.That's significantly more than the 53% of consumers who said pre-roll video ads don't interrupt their experience.
  • Attacks Of Cybercrime MUCH Less Likely On Mobile Devices
    Cyber criminals are far less likely to pose as mobile users than desktop users -- at least for the moment. Android remains the preferred mobile platform for cyber criminals, per a recent report.
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