• The Winners Of The 'PC-Plus' Era Will Help Me Build My Media Bubble
    Stop hyping the "cloud" and start designing better ways for the multi-screening media maven to push content to the device, time and place best suited to consuming it. Let's get to the next stage already.
  • Can A Mobile Ad Make You Cry? Not Likely
    For over a decade, digital creatives have asked the question of whether a digital ad carries the same kind of storytelling and emotional oomph as the great TV spots. But according to some fascinating research involving brainwave analysis and ad response, the basic elements of human perception, cognition and emotion stack the deck against advertisers getting from a mobile ad the kind of engagement we might get from a 30 second TV spot.
  • Is My Head Done? Redken App Works The Hairdresser Station
    Marketers are increasingly using mobile to reach the point of sale from a different direction - via the salesperson. Redken's second version of its app for professionals learns that they want content and utility.
  • Gargling With The Apple Kool-Aid
    Truth be told, I am starting to wonder if a lot of reviewers simply have younger, sharper eyes than I do. Or if the taste for Apple-branded Kool-Aid has become too delectable for gadget reporters needing something over which to gush. To be sure, the doubling of resolution on the new iPad is welcome and fun. But honestly, high resolution is hardly revelatory at this point in media.
  • Plantronics Uses Mobile To Help Sales Associates Seal The Deal
    Increasingly, manufacturers are leveraging the mobile channel to speak directly to salespeople at the point of sale. Done well, it can be like having a manager whispering selling points in their ear.
  • Can Local Mobile Change Shoppers' Minds? It's Complicated
    We like to say that local mobile solutions put the right offer in front of the right person, in the right place at the right time. But those elements actually are dynamic variables with complex relationships to on another.
  • 'Dirty Laundry': DVD Extras Move To The App
    Apps like the iPad Monty Python: The Holy Book of Days give us an important glimpse into the future of two-screen syncopation in the living room. Connecting the device to the actual viewing experience allows for entirely new vistas in content creativity. The potential for social TV in the time-shift era is enormous.
  • From Obama to Brands: Leveraging Participatory Engagement
    Messaging platform for Obama 2012 and many consumer brands Mobile Commons has learned that people really do like to participate. It is not just about politics, but about mutual engagement.
  • Let's Hope Facebook and Twitter Are Thinking Harder Than This
    I am not sure which is worse: the prospect of bald-faced ads showing up in my feeds or the prospect of cloying attempts by brands to seem like my "friends."
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