• Down The Black Friday Rabbit Hole
    Best Buy is inviting its cold line-waiting customers to Vine the experience. Apparently, Black Friday has become such a reflexive ritual of unabashed consumerism that the down sides of the experience have become the up side.
  • Looking For the Chat App Model, Kik Calls Up One Direction
    In a program with Sony built by IPG Media Lab, the mobile messaging app Kik tries to turn promotional content into conversation fodder. Ultimately, this is one direction all social networks are headed -- toward giving users more to talk about.
  • Lift Me, Touch Me, Scan Me, Buy Me
    Getting shoppers to touch your product in a store gets you that much closer to the cart. For a new, lighter brand of cat litter, a mobile marketing campaign was aimed at getting the buyer to lift the package and discover its core attribute.
  • Moms Confirm The M-Shopping, E-Buying Ritual
    Moms say they will be using their phones in-store this holiday season. But retailers who want to grab their interest had better come armed with a deal.
  • You Are The Emoticon: Mobile (And Our Kids) Will Help Us Reimagine Social Networking
    Facebook failed to buy Snapchat as it continues to chase its fleeing coolness. But mobile is so beyond Facebook in helping people rethink and expand the social media language.
  • Apple Wins (For Now) Map Wars On Home Court Advantage
    After all the fuss, Apple Maps still won the day in terms of iPhone use, if not consumer love. But Google is not yet pressing its case well enough. It isn't map accuracy. It is cross-screen synchronization and convenience that should sell their insurgency into iOS.
  • Mobile Reasserts The Power Of Place and Retail Experiences Against A 'Virtual' World
    We often ask how mobile will extend the Internet into every cranny of personal and consumer life. Maybe that is only half the question. Maybe we should be asking how mobile renews the power of location and physical experience in ways that challenge digital virtual space.
  • Shrink It And They Will Come: iPad Still Has Some Dazzle Left
    The irresistible iPad Air is not a game changer so much as a game expander. Its size, manageability and raw power make the full-sized tablet a more tenable player in a number of other people's yards.
  • Time Inc. Deal Says Flipboard Is More Publisher Friend Than Foe
    People and InStyle brand content from Time Inc. comes into Flipboard this week just as the arguments over the true value of aggregators to publishers heat up. The fact is that Flipboard, Zite and some others do a better job of presenting some legacy brands digitally than the media themselves.
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