• Social Apps With New Content Achieve Higher Unlock Phone Engagements
    Messaging and social each apps create more than 100 unlock engagement opportunities a month
  • Fraudulent Apps Skyrocket, Brands Must Adopt Safeguards
    The total number of fraudulent apps has increased by 159% from 2017 to 2018, while more than 160% new fraudulent apps were identified during the same period.
  • Millennial Males Dominate Podcast Audiences, Political Podcasts Most Popular
    Most podcast listeners are millennial males, and listen to an average of four podcasts per week for 30-to-60 minutes. Dominating the field, YouTube commands a 70% share of listeners.
  • Facebook To Stop Asking For Email Passwords For New Accounts
    Initially defending the practice, Facebook said it only impacted a small fraction of new users, and that it never stored their email passwords. The company rarely goes more than a week without some embarrassing security issue announced.