• Blackout Edition: Or, Try That With Your Digital Gadget, Fan Boy!
    In a staggering act of modern rebellion, my daughter goes all analog on me. But what better time than a massive blackout to contemplate the fate of print in a digital age?
  • Punch Cards With a Brain: Making Mobile Make Sense To Mom And Pop
    Small businesses really don't care about your bright, shiny mobile objects. They know their businesses, and solutions providers that want to crack the local market need to speak the merchant's language.
  • OMMA M-Commerce Kicks BSOs Under The Bus
    Take your eyes off the gadgetry and think more about solutions and compelling products. That was the main theme of OMMA M-Commerce this week
  • From The Dream Of A 'People Meter' To The Reality of a Place Meter
    A new analytics product from Placed is an intriguing update on the old "people meter" idea. But now that meter follows you everywhere and crafts a new kind of profile based on where you go.
  • Here, Not Here, Hyper-Here: Playing With Our Sense of Place
    Mobile devices have the dual and dueling ability to both disengage us from the "here" and to drive us to a deeper understanding about -- and thus engagement in -- a specific place and time. Mobility may help us redefine 'here-ness.'
  • Passbook Power?: MLB.com Sees 12% Of Online Ticket Sales Opt For iPhone's Wallet
    Very early results suggest that Apple's mobile wallet may be driving more than curiosity. MLB reports a surprising share of online ticket buyers opting for iPhone Passbook delivery of their e-ticket orders.
  • The 'Fat Finger' Meme Needs A More Full-Fisted Defense
    Discussion of the 'fat finger syndrome' in mobile advertising needs to be grounded in fact and real research, addressed by best practices, and taken out of the current realm of hazy speculation.
  • Moods, Modes And Now Motives
    Fascinating new research from BBDO, AOL and InsightNow not only shows that the overwhelming majority of smartphone use occurs in the home, but proposes that we target user "motives" in using devices, not just location and content.
  • OMMA Global: Mobile, Mobile Everywhere
    Even far outside the specific "mobile" panels and presentations at OMMA Global this week, the topic was touching just about every conversation.
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