• The Screens of 2012
    Here in the family test lab, every day is a gadget-filled Christmas. But which gizmos caught my eye and ire this year? The Mini surprised me, but so did Windows Phone 8.
  • Using Mobile To Sponsor Moments: Toshiba App-Casts New Year's Eve
    In a multi-screen era where marketers must track user 'journeys,' brands need to start sponsoring, enhancing, even owning 'moments' -- not just media.
  • Brands Praise iOS Passbook, But Let's See More Cross-App Functionality
    Developers report great results from integrating wallet functions into Passbook. But this should encourage Apple and Google to focus OS development on user-level convenience and simplicity in a cluttered app universe.
  • An App, App Appy Year
    While the mobile Web became increasingly important in 2012, the four-year-old maturing market for apps showed no signs of decline.
  • Are Men The M-Commerce Sweet Spot?
    A survey of Total Beauty Media's users suggests that men rely heavily on devices to shortcut the torture of holiday shopping. For this dad, shopping for his daughter via iPhone is like being a waiter taking a dinner order.
  • Amazon's Showrooming Victims List: Best Buy, Walmart, Target
    Harris Interactive's latest shopper survey finds the nightmare scenario may be true for retailers. Showrooming is big and Amazon is the winner...by several miles.
  • Sponsor The Sandbox: AR As Personal Expression
    The simple, often cheesy, augmented reality overlay can be turned into an occasion for customers to provide the creativity, engagement, even the irony.
  • Verizon Invites Customers To Share Data and Opt-In...To Something Or Other
    If mobile carriers are going to leverage mobile usage data for targeted offers, then they should be more explicit about the real exchange of value and start treating consumers the way they do marketers.
  • From 'Podcasting' to 'Mobilecasting': A Smartphone's Native Ad Format?
    Recent changes in iOS have helped grow the market for podcasts. This should remind us just how compelling voice can be as media and marketing -- especially on a device that was built to carry conversation, not Web sites.
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