• Tap Me, Touch Me, Swipe Me: Tablets Flex Some Branding Muscle
    Tablets have already captured many media buyers' hearts, but new ad effectiveness benchmarks suggest they should be capturing our heads as well. This could -- and should -- be a very powerful medium.
  • Netflix Sees This As A War Of 'Moments'... And Apps Are the Weaponry
    As media experience fragments, content providers will find themselves fighting to be top of mind when the user has "moments of truth" in deciding which media experience to dial up.
  • Hobbling, Not Hopping, Toward TV Everywhere
    The Hopper from Dish offers a glimpse of how media consumption patterns can change under true TV Everywhere technology. If only we could get the apps to work right.
  • Out-Thinking Amazon: Bumping Audiobooks To The Next Level
    Despite having moved through multiple delivery channels over several decades, the audiobook remains basically unchanged despite all of the possibilities digital and now mobile platforms offer. Time for 2.0?
  • Waiting To Throw: Airplay Still Waiting To Take Flight
    About six months ago, a handful of people in the mobile field were tossing around the term "media throwing" as the next big thing. As some Android devices, Google TV, and Samsung started playing with their own versions of the AirPlay dynamic, there was a lot of hope around this notion of seamlessly moving one's own media across multiple screens in a kind of virtual throw.
  • When Will Apps Finally Move To Version 2.0?
    We are about five years into the emergence of mobile apps as primary vehicles of utility and content on handsets. Aren't we ready to imagine a next stage?
  • Going Mobile: Can Telematics Teach Us New Media Tricks?
    As on-demand media moves more formally into the car, one has to wonder whether this new mobile moment will help us reimagine what new forms live and recorded media might take in the future.
  • Musing Mobility: Searching For Mobile's Media
    It's time we started thinking about mobile platforms and the concept of mobility in relation to its preceding century of mass communications in the ways in which these older media constituted audiences differently. It is within that historical context that we have to start thinking about what forms of communication, interactivity, and art are truly native to both mobile devices and that larger concept of mobility.
  • Mobility Matters: Resenting The Prison Of The Single Screen
    Every new medium calls attention to the inadequacies of its predecessor. if we identify mobility with freedom, personalization and convenience, then it carries with it an implicit critique of the mass media that preceded it.
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