• Me TV: Narrowcasting To The Age Of Personal Video
    Mobility opens up new opportunities for narrowcasting to niche video tastes. But it also requires a re-thinking of the interfaces we need to access highly personalized TV and even the ways we like to consume it.
  • All Bots Aren't Created Equal: Battling The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
    At the IAB Leadership Forum, I witnessed something pretty shocking: advertisers are mad. They are focusing their anger on one specific subject -- paying for "bots" -- and are vehemently demanding that something needs to be done now. This prompted me to think about the importance of understanding the work that has already been done to improve the authenticity of digital media -- and to consider what needs to be done to make sure traffic is high-quality, safe and real.
  • Why Targeting The 'Mobile Elite' Will Make Or Break Your Business
    If companies want to be in the top tier -- the 20 percent of companies with a well-defined mobile strategy -- they can start by better understanding the mobile elite -- people who are highly engaged with their devices and use them to address every social, financial and informational need possible.
  • Sour Patch Finds The Best Way To Talk To Teens: Let Teens Talk
    In a set of daring campaigns of late, the Sour Patch brand has been letting key social influencers craft the message and talk to teens. So far, they are "floored" by the results.
  • It's A Mobile World
    With the rise of mobile engagement increasing at a remarkably rapid rate, a business without a mobile strategy is almost guaranteed to fall behind its competitors and miss out on valuable opportunities to connect with consumers and increase sales. Yet it is shocking how many companies have yet to create their strategy for mobile marketing. Research shows that a majority of brands didn't create mobile-specific marketing campaigns in 2014. Where's the disconnect here?
  • Syfy Plays With The Lights: Syncs Internet Of Things To TV Experience
    Can the Internet of Things be recruited into enhancing home entertainment experiences? Syfy is already playing with the lights.
  • The Power Of Location Is In Sharpening The Marketing Mix
    The 2014 CMO Digital Benchmark Study from Leapfrog Online says CMOs' lack of experience with emerging mobile technology is keeping their organizations a step behind the modern consumer. Since many marketers have not yet established the systems for getting the real value out of the medium, they tend to overlook location as an organizing principle.
  • Don't Make Me Cry Again: The Sensitive And Preachy Bowl Of 2015
    The mobile channel was once again poorly utilized by advertisers during this year's big game. Perhaps they were too distracted by the well-meaning but preachy tone of the spots that inverted the usual tropes of Super Bowl advertising.
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