• The Age Of The 3-Second Ad Is Upon Us
    Mobile video is not just about a new screen -- it's about a cluster of new cultures, a new aesthetic of brevity and perhaps even the leading edge of a post-ad era in marketing. In other words, you can't get away with what we have been getting away with for the last 60 years of TV advertising.
  • New And Old Behaviors
    At the Mobile Insider Summit, discussions about showrooming, local mobile marketing and cross-screen consumer journeys all seemed to lead back to a larger debate over changed behaviors. Is mobility changing us, or are we adjusting the technologies to old needs?
  • Instagram, MoSo Rising, Facebook Worries Exaggerated
    If Facebook is leaking users, the pace is pretty slow, according to the latest global survey. And the company owns what is by far the fastest-growing social net, Instagram. "Collapsing" companies could be in worse positions.
  • Talk To The Machine
    Marketers are exploring ways of integrating voice interfaces to handle higher-level interactions with customers. But how much do any of us really want to talk to our machines?
  • 'HelloWorld' Says ePrize In A Mobile-First Rebranding
    Longtime sweepstakes and contest agency ePrize starts a major rebranding effort under the new name HelloWorld. With mobile as a centerpiece, the company wants to do for complex customer engagement campaigns what Salesforce.com and Oracle have done in CRM.
  • Mobile Shopping Being Driven By Forward-Leaning 18%
    About a fifth of shoppers occupy a core of heavily mobile, digitally dependent customers who are ready, willing and able to engage retailers via devices in-store.
  • My In-Store Mobile Assistant Needs A Reboot
    My local grocery merchant finally has the in-store mobile experience envisioned for years. But finding the real value to the consumer left me stuck (literally) at checkout.
  • TV Everywhere vs. Everywhere TV
    For all of its frustrations and false promises, having full-bore access to my TV content via any available screen is changing my own expectation and regard of TV content itself. There is more than "everywhere-ness" at work here.
  • Amazon Ready To Light The Device Fire With Video Kindle-ing?
    With excellent hardware and a very strong media platform now, Amazon finally should be in position to challenge both Apple and Netflix on different fronts. First, they need to wake up to their own strengths and promote themselves more wisely.
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