• The Apple Not-So-Smart Watch: Do I Own It, Or Does It Own Me?
    Who needs tending in this relationship with my new Apple Watch? Am I managing it or is it managing me? With greater intimacy comes a greater expectation of automated personalization and contextual sensitivity.
  • Get This Crap Off My Phone: We Are Screwing Up The Mobile Experience
    As I feared, many of the bad practices of desktop media are migrating to mobile. Will publishers please take greater responsibility for the quality of the user experience before we turn apps and sites into NASCAR racers?
  • The Moment Has Arrived For 'In-The-Moment' Video
    The moment has arrived for "in-the-moment" video. For the most part, the videos that break out to go viral or become memes are typically spontaneous snapshots of everyday life shot by regular people looking to share with friends, family and followers. The emergence of these new channels is prompting agencies and advertisers to reevaluate how they are using video in their social media campaigns.
  • Mobilegeddon: 7 Things to Check When Making Your Site Mobile-Friendly
    Even if publishers were prepared for the inevitable favoritism that Google would give to sites better optimized to mobile, they may not be as optimized as they can be. So for those who are still trudging through the dystopian future of yet another Google algorithm change, here are some common mistakes that publishers make and how to avoid them.
  • Mobile Marketing Complexity Shouldn't Scare Brands Away
    No one would dare argue against the fact that mobile is the future -- a piece that every brand knows they need to explore if they want to stay in front of their audience. Although many brands are now adopting simple strategies that only scratch the surface of what's possible on the mobile channel, it's highly unlikely that complexity is going anywhere. If anything, the mobile ecosystem could fragment further.
  • Mobile Advertising Has A Measurement Problem
    Brand investment in mobile advertising is growing quickly -- spending is projected to reach $46 billion in 2019, according to Forrester -- yet only 1% of those ads receive any type of engagement. Brands will continue to demand new measurement standards and technologies to better understand the role that impressions play in their digital ad spend.
  • Marketing On Demand
    Our biggest challenge as marketers is scaling our programs for the unengaged. How can we earn a place on their phone screens -- the most valuable, most personal real estate in the world? Put the customer in control. Give them marketing on demand.
  • When Tap, Swipe Becomes Wave, Nod
    As mobile device manufacturers and technology providers race to bring "the next big thing" in mobile to market, advertisers can be left wondering which of these new capabilities really matters to them, and which should be used in their future campaigns. Depth perception cameras are one new development that is gradually becoming an essential feature on mobile devices. Let's take a look at where they stand today and where their potential lies.
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