• Yahoo's Marissa Mayer: Toward A Mobile Do-Over For Portals
    In her first public interview since taking on Yahoo, Mayer presses the case for her portal being a natural for mobile. But what place do the last decade's portals really have on phones?
  • Are There Consequences For Facebook's Increased Mobile Ad Load?
    One analyst says he is seeing 50% to 100% more mobile ads in news feeds compared to weeks ago. Is such a sudden, perhaps frantic effort to monetize mobile an assault on user experience?
  • Toys That Last: Triumph of Design
    This Black Friday I look over some of the wireless toys that are sticking with me and find one common thread. As the gadgets become more personal, the simple and littlest aspects of design make the difference between a device being used or left in the box.
  • This Analog Moment Is Brought To You By...
    A novel use of the phone cam allows consumers and brand partners to send physical postcards to contacts from their phones. In a digital age, carving out creative space for analog experiences may be the next great marketing opportunity.
  • Thanks For Not Being A Jerk: Here's A Coupon For Your Common Courtesy
    CineMark is incentivizing good movie theater behavior by rewarding people who leave their smartphones alone during the films. Which raises an interesting prospect: apps that address the culture of rudeness.
  • Beyond 'Showrooming': In-Store Mobile Users Want Information, Experiences, A Buddy
    'Tis the season for some more 'showroom' debunking. Thoughtful retailers, I hope, are accepting the challenge of using mobile to improve the in-store experience rather than turn it into a tug of war.
  • Hey, Mr. President! Does This Mean You Can Stop Assaulting Me With Messages Now?
    This campaign leveraged some of the most sophisticated tools target marketing and mobile messaging have to offer. And somehow their faux-intimacy made me feel more -- not less -- alienated.
  • A Less Polished Apple? Impressions From A Mall Crawl
    In my mind, Apple is mindfully ceding part of the tablet market to others in its pricing of the Mini. And consumer willingness to think beyond the Apple hype was evident to me at my local mall.
  • Rereading Old Media...In the Dark
    The most fascinating part of radical media change is the way in which new formats make us reconsider old ones and old media is at times refreshed and redefined by the new.
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