• Drowsiness: The Mobile Marketing Opportunity
    If you will give up sleep to swipe just one more Web page on a tablet or finish that TV catch-up on Hulu, then you may be just the person in just the right frame of mind that an advertiser wants.
  • Is Mobile The Key To Set-Top-Box And Smart TV Success?
    The fight for the next-generation living room will take place across at least two screens. Mobile integration with smart TV could be a key differentiator.
  • Sponsor Me, Not Just My Content: Can Next-Gen App Stores Learn Some New Tricks?
    Device-enabled, cross-platform, app-driven "media use" represents a radical departure from "media consumption" that was established in the last century. I am moving, not imbibing. I want a companion, not a roadblock.
  • Can The Olympics Be a Gold Medal Moment For QR Codes?
    If the Summer Olympics deploys mobile codes wisely, this could be a great test case for how a network of codes and information services can make a physical venue into a highly interactive new way for companies to communicate with people in a space.
  • Fear and Loathing Under A Tuscan Sun
    Lost in the hills of Tuscany, our weary traveler finds salvation (and a way home) in his iPhone. But the next generation of travel mapping needs to define context more broadly.
  • Poking The Shrink Wrap On Digital Editions
    Magazines have an opportunity with tablets to think beyond both print and Web. Finally we have a digital platform that allows us to lean back, but not quite curl up.
  • SoLoMo Needs A Curator
    Forget about the populist principles of it all for second. User-generated media, like all of us, needs a good editor and a well-defined path in order to render truly valuable material.
  • Motion Comics Get a Do-Over
    Some forms that failed on the Web are getting a second chance on devices where the experiences and the delivery mechanism may suit the forms better.
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