• 3 Ways To Improve Your Next Cross-Device Campaign
    The reasons for committing to cross-device are self-evident to most marketers. Although many marketers have studied "what works" in cross-device -- the principles that drive better program metrics -- the realities of the programs that many brands implement fall short of best practices. Critical ideas are lost as we rush to get something up on "Internet time." Here are three critical strategies, and simple steps brands can take to get better results for their next cross-device campaigns.
  • Richard Avedon Could Still Kick Your Ass On Instagram
    The image-driven SoMo economy of Instagram and Pinterest demands more creativity of brands than we are seeing. The great print photographers of the last century knew how to make us stop flipping pages with perspective and personal engagement. Take their lead.
  • I Am The Context
    A new launcher app from Nokia tries to cut through the clutter by learning what phone resources you need at any given time. It is a good example of where the OS needs to head.
  • Where-ables: Are They Real? And Do We Care?
    Most digitally initiated people already face a complicated relationship with their gadget menagerie of iPhones, Tablets and Laptops. Is a wrist-computer really needed? Or will this just become another redundant example of tech giants looking to create demand for a new category in their quest for first-mover status?
  • Connecting The Dots For A Mobile-First World
    When Tim Berners-Lee first conceived of a "hypertext project," the foundation that would become the World Wide Web, he chose to keep it open and free. Twenty-five years later, the Web has seen great change.
  • Google Explores Its Own Beacons, But How Much Here-Ness Do We Want?
    Google appears ready to enter the proximity-awareness game with its own techniques for detecting place and other devices. But how much location activation is too much? How will we manage a world of talking things?
  • Constellation Pours Geo-Push And App Partnerships To Serve Clearer Wine Choices
    Constellation Brands is seeing measurable ROI from partnering with party shopping apps that are both specialized around wine shopping and as general as shopkick. The company CMO tells "Mobile Marketing Daily" that in his wine category, the moment of in- and near-store decision is where he needs to be.
  • Attention Holiday Shoppers: Five Mobile@Retail Tactics You'll See This Season
    Consumer shopping behavior can no longer be viewed as either in-store or online. The smartest brands and retailers are looking at how mobile and retail can work together, seamlessly, to create a better customer experience to get shoppers back into stores with services they can't get online. Here are five descriptions of the top mobile@retail tactics you'll encounter this year.
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