• New Car Connectivity...At The Bleeding Edge of 1986
    My wife's car is new, but that interface is so DOS. After decades of increasingly sophisticated UI, in-car data experiences feel like a time warp.
  • Yawn! Instagram Video...Or Maybe I Just Bore Easily
    Vine inspired creativity because of its constraints. In the first branded videos I have seen on Instagram, it seems marketers will have to resist the format's invitation to be uninspiring. That 15-second limit is chillingly familiar.
  • Are Bad Mobile Shopping Experiences Poisoning The M-Commerce Well?
    On some level and even subcosciously, users have a memory for bad m-commerce experiences. One wonders if consumers also tend to generalize about the medium itself as a result of mobile choke points -- and so limit their own expectations of what the platform can do for them.
  • That Other Second Screen: Tablets To Get In Sync With Gaming Consoles
    The next generation of gaming consoles has much more to lose from 'second screening' than does TV. And so the Xbox One and PS 4 will be aggressively trying to co-opt tablets and smartphones to make them cooperate -- rather than compete with -- consoles.
  • Pop Secret Finds Its Mobile Moment...Just Before The Kernel Burns
    Pop Secret's Perfect Pop app has zoomed up the foodie chart because of its cool utility. But it is not really part of a mobile strategy so much as it is a brand idea that finds its best expression on devices.
  • Please Geofence Me In: RetailMeNot Engagement Up 4X With Location Triggers
    Geofencing is not only effectively triggering greater engagement with shopper app RetailMeNot. It is also bringing the brand top of mind among users -- even when they are outside the trigger zones.
  • 7.5 Million Of Us Are Using Mobile Wallets, But Mainly To Buy Starbucks Coffee
    The press fetish with mobile wallets is far ahead of actual consumer use, according to new research. Years of hype and all we have to show for it so far is a faster latte.
  • Tap Me?: Let's Not Allow NFC To Go Down The Rabbit Hole
    NFC may have more to offer consumers and marketers outside of the m-payments realm with which it is so unfortunately identified. But there is also the great risk of polluting the experience with trivial and poor executions that make "tap me" just as dubious a proposition as "scan me" has become.
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