• A Gadget Too Far?
    I am not sure exactly how this happened, but after a pleasant interregnum, we seem to be back in the throes of gadget lust. The iPad, of course, is the poster child for unreasonable tech cravings, but recent gushery over 3D TVs, eBook readers and smart phones real and promised underscores the return of the toy. Perhaps I just wasn't paying close enough attention during the recession, or maybe gadget porn was humbled by the downturn, but it smells like Tech Spirit again.
  • Little 'Miss Independent' Is Not Getting An IPad
    "I will be 18. Legally an adult." My daughter, who now drives up in her Honda Civic and pores over her buzzing BlackBerry with the intensity of any middle manager, is coming of age in the next few weeks. She and her friends are trying to celebrate their group emancipation with a major road trip this summer across country. Dad, terrified, of course, is trying to figure out what the wireless plan is -- so I know how and where to airlift little Miss Legally Independent out of trouble. How about an iPad 3G? It will have mapping so she …
  • Mobile Users 'Get' Ad Creative, And So Should You
    Can an online display ad make you cry? Well, sure -- when the creative is as crushingly poor as most of the advertising we have been seeing since the dubious invention of the "banner" in the mid-1990s. It makes me tear up a bit, if only in despair over the lost opportunity.
  • OMMA Global: Publishers Do A Mobile Rethink
    In some sense publishers are in the same boat as marketers when it comes to mobile media. Their position may be worse, in fact. They have to invest money and allocate resources well in advance of returns. But like marketers, they have to make the basic decision on what this medium will be worth, and when changes will occur.
  • How Not to Build a Too-Cute Mobile App
    "He's cute." Those are two of the worst words a father can hear from a teen daughter when the family is out and about. Once a boy and girl of that age make eye contact and go into flirt mode, you can bet that your evening in the mall or at a restaurant, a ball game - whatever - is about to get hijacked. But it only gets compounded when your own partner joins in. "Yeah, he is cute." In one of those creepy episodes that turn an evening at Red Lobster into a regrettable adventure, the two of them …
  • Directory Provider Makes Mobile Local Ads Less Annoying
    The local mobile ads that I see coursing through the apps and mobile Web sites leave a lot to be desired. Google's ad bug is unappealing and the ads feel pretty random. Local directory and discovery provider Where seemed to feel the same way about the ads it was getting from the ad nets -- so it took steps to change things.
  • Text Ads Come To The Oscars
    The one thing you can almost always count on at the Oscars is that the documentary film winners are the likeliest to make a political statement that will make everyone uncomfortable and cue the orchestra for an early speech cut-off. But I have to say even I wasn't expecting someone to hold up a sign with a short code in the middle of an acceptance speech.
  • Fixing The Internet... One Mobile App At A Time
    I suspect that Facebook and Twitter use (up 347% last year on phones) is just a leading indicator of a tipping point: In important categories of use, the mobile experience is quickly becoming better than the Web experience. There are already four or five things my handheld does better than my desktop....
  • Stupid Local Ad Tricks
    All I did was click on a mobile banner ad and suddenly I found myself watching a grainy, badly lit video of a doctor from my own town discussing the simplicity of some corrective surgery procedure.
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