• Following The Mob Into The Shadows
    Most tech demos leave me pretty cold (that's because I am a jaded bastard), but last week Omar Hamoui, founder and CEO of AdMob, helped me launch my own mobile ad campaign on his network--and it definitely got my attention.
  • CTIA: But Where's My Thomas Pynchon Ringback?
    Expectations are always a bit low for the "smaller" CTIA conference held in the fall, and last week's gathering in Los Angeles did not disappoint. Few new and interesting products emerged from vendors, and if anything I detected a dialing back on the hype surrounding some of last year's "next big things."
  • The Big Mo
    As the CTIA wireless convention assembles here in Los Angeles this week, expect a number of significant announcements regarding ad-supported mobile content and services.
  • Vodcastic
    For all of the pomp, press, and PR that accompanies new distribution models for mobile video, I think the media critics are missing the real story--video podcasting. The creative action in mobile video is not taking place in the iTunes TV store but in the podcast area, where big and small media are experimenting nobly with the nano-movie format.
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