• In Search Of The Mobile Shopping Companion
    The new third-party shopping apps from previously-unknown app brands are rivaling retailer apps in popularity. Many players want shopper attention, bur smart retailers have to rise above a skirmish in Aisle 5.
  • $500 CPMs? The Power Of Advertising At Point Of Decision
    ShopSavvy and its ad network partner Longboard Media say that the levels of ad interactivity in a mobile app occurring in-store, at the point when people are making purchase decisions, is phenomenal and a while other game from the Web.
  • Moods, Modes and Marital 'Disengagement': Tapping Into the iPad's New Space
    Even my wife understands that the iPad gets a user (well, me), into a new and uncharted zone of engagement -- with everything but her. If she figured this out already, why haven't more marketers?.
  • myYearbook/MeetMe Leverage Mobile Virtual Currency As 'Payment Platform In Your Pocket'
    The mobile payment infrastructure could help media companies rethink a paid-content model they dismissed years ago for their digital wares. As social net myYearbook is discovering, m-commerce gives media a payment platform in all users' pockets.
  • Whither the Podcast? In Defense of Digital Media's Great Creation
    Let's hope that smartphones and devices finally give this most brilliant product of the digital era the audiences it deserves. There is a level of user engagement here that is rare and unappreciated.
  • Playing Outside The App: Cellufun Gets Tylted
    Starting with feature phones and now in HTML5, Cellufun generated enormous mobile Web scale before that was cool. Now it is rebranding its social games as Tylted and hoping to leverage the community of 9.2 million with advertisers.
  • The Right Tickler At The Right Place At The Right Time
    App alerts are a business and a channel unto themselves. With segmentation of this opted-in core audience for an app, Urban airship is hoping to create a push infrastructure that can be relevant even to the store aisle you are in.
  • Retina Scanning My iPad
    Call me crazy (join the club) but the new Retina Display on the iPad is starting to bug me. Am I as nuts as my wife thinks I am, or am I experiencing the next generation of gadget romance?
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