• Second Screening And The Politics Of Attention
    New research from Vivaki's The Pool suggests tremendous branding potential in second screen experiences in part because we tune out TV during ad pods. But it still begs the question of whether viewers really want their attention "retrieved" by advertisers here or if this is a coveted free space away from the tyranny of mass media.
  • Vespa Retargets Dealer Visitors To Move Buyers Down The Funnel
    Mobile allows for a physical world version of online retargeting. Walking into a retail location is something like the first click a user makes in the digitized retail environment. And the ads will follow you.
  • Sugar Rushes, Content Beaming, Unplugged Ad Targeting And Other iOS 7 Adventures
    In some respects Apple's iOS 7 introduces a range of great new opportunities for marketers both on the phone and in its interactions with the physical world. But user experience improvements also make it harder for content to stay in the user's face.
  • Dunkin' Gets, Um, Bite-Sized And Visual In Vine Ads
    Dunkin' Donuts' TV spot made with Vine videos is complemented on the second screen with a not-quite-instant replay of a game highlight also made with Vine. Dunkin' sees the program aligning well with the brand's visual appeal and brand value -- so being both fast and fun.
  • Trying Wearables On For Size
    Wireless accessories and wearable devices are about to heat up as use cases in health and even mobile payment emerge, says Juniper. You have to wonder how much Apple's M7 motion processor in the iPhone 5S is anticipating this market.
  • PayPal's Solution To The Credit Card Non-Problem Is...'Nothing'
    PayPal's new Beacon m-payment solution starts by admitting credit cards are not a problem that needs to be solved. But the incremental convenience of m-payments is reminiscent of the rise of the original charge cards a century ago as they started convincing people cash was somehow inconvenient, too.
  • Privacy Second Only To Battery Life Among Mobile Concerns
    Mobile platforms heighten concerns about personal data and privacy, but consumers seem willing to have honest conversations about fair exchanges of information for mobile service. But most publishers are running from, rather than toward, this issue.
  • Doh! Dad To The 'Rescue'
    In which Dad is thwarted by Apple Maps and tech hubris, taught a lesson in digital media by a roomful of octogenarians, and stays true to form with a jaded offspring. Send in the clowns. Don't bother. One is already here.
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