• Mobile Share Of Holiday Paid Search To Reach 17.3%, Requires Dedicated Buying Effort
    Search and performance marketing agency Performics says that among its aggregate client base 14.2% of all Google search clicks come from mobile devices. Given the velocity of mobile growth and the patterns seen last year during the holiday gift searching season, the company is projecting that in December mobile paid search will account for 17.3% of all search clicks. The company also says that mobile search needs to be planned differently, by considering the multiple platforms on which people will see results.
  • AirPlay Gets Interesting
    Your TV is broken." The glee in my wife's voice is palpable when things go wrong with the gadgetry. It's not broken," I insist. "There is just something wrong with the AirPlay running on the 4S." The AirPlay mirroring from the iPhone 4S is producing pauses in video playback and badly pixelated rendering in some of the games optimized for the snazzy two-screen feature. "Yeah, as I said, your TV is broken."
  • Battle For Aisle 12
    "Good afternoon, Target shoppers. We need a sales associate in Aisle 12 to break up a skirmish among mobile retail apps. Referee needed in aisle 12, please. Thank you." My guess is that there is a quiet war going on in the aisles of many retailers these days over who will get the mobilized shopper's attention over smartphones at that critical point of final decision. Never in retailing history have we seen such a potential disruptive force enter into what had been a hermetically sealed domain, the in-store experience.
  • It's Show Time: Learning to Listen At OMMA Mobile West
    It's fitting that next week's OMMA Mobile event in San Francisco (Oct. 25) comes just a week after the record-breaking release of the iPhone 4S. Our first OMMA Mobile was held on the day the first iPhone launched, in late June 2007. Our kick-off panel that day assembled some of the leading agency executives already specializing in mobile. I asked them for an impromptu survey on what effect they thought Apple's new entry would have on the market. Remember, there was considerable skepticism about Apple's plan to move us to touch interfaces and pricey data plans, all on the most …
  • M-Commerce: An M-Addict's Tale
    I am not only all-in for devices but also all-in for mobile commerce. The majority of my Amazon purchases now are occurring on the iPad in the evening and via that damned effective app that pushes devilishly accurate recommendations. The new iPhone 4S order was set up on the Apple Store app sitting on both my iPhone 4 and iPad. I recently used the new Five Guys hamburger shop app to place a party order of six large fries. And I pay my AT&T bill every month via its app. Maybe my daughter should swipe a device from me before …
  • Our Magician
    Unbeknownst to me, I already wrote my tribute to Steve Jobs earlier this week in a MoBlog post about the fetishization of the iPhone 5: "All of the dogged speculation about Apple's next move often seems to be a paparazzi-like feeding frenzy of nit-pickers and nerdocrats who love gadgets for gadgets' sake. The truth may be that in an age of techno-clutter we crave the simple, if sometimes dictatorial, leadership of the Apple brand. They are one of the few companies that seem to have been successful in giving us things we didn't even know we wanted. In a consumer …
  • Wherever You Are, That's The Place to Be
    "Whenever you say something is 'brilliant,' and I have to see it -- Dad, then I know I am in for it." Oh, the shame of being raised the daughter of a recovering academic -- and a pop culture historian to boot. My daughter, now joined by my wife, have been dragged through some of the weirdest encounters with media imaginable, from grade Z horror of the early '70s to anti-Communist comic books of the '50s, underground zines of the '60s to radio serials of the '40s. When it comes to American pop culture, I am an unrepentant intellectual slut.
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