• 'Wired' Gets Re-Wired For IPad
    Of course hours after I finished my last column on how print is rethinking itself for the iPad, Wired issues its long-awaited tablet iteration. OK, I am game. Let's try one more magazine Tablet fantasy.
  • Is Print Ready For IPad?
    A story in yesterday's Financial Times suggests that European print publishers are not ready to rush onto the iPad as the Apple device launches in Europe this month. Digital Media Correspondent Tim Bradshaw says that early responses to U.S. newspapers and magazine on the iPad have been mixed. One analyst says the magazine apps in particular are dreadful. Others argue that the iPhone demonstrated there was no great first-mover advantage to being on the device out of the gate, so many content providers are happy to wait and see.
  • Mobile TV Still Battles Core Conflicts
    The mobile TV nut is still far from being cracked. I have been sticking with this dream from the beginning and watching the growing pains.
  • Virtual Zippo Lighter 2.0 Grows A Business Model
    What's a Zippo?" my daughter asked as I pulled out the promotional lighter the iconic company sent me months ago. "Nothing that would interest you," I answered, as if I had been caught rolling a joint. "It's a lighter," I finally say. "Cool. Can I have it?" she asks. "You don't smoke." It only takes but a nanosecond for Dad paranoia to set in. "Do you?" "Nooo! And don't lecture me. Before I came along you smoked like a train." True, of course -- more like two trains, in fact. But I counter the deflection by deflecting in return and …
  • OMMA Mobile Reflections: Now It Gets Serious
    One of the subterranean themes I detected throughout yesterday's OMMA Mobile conference was that the expectations for the platform have escalated enormously in just the last six months, as advertisers have started taking the platform much more seriously. Among the words I heard little of yesterday was "test." We seem to be moving past the "test budget" stage for a number of advertisers.
  • Resizing The Robot
    The NPD Group rattled a few Apple-boy cages this week by announcing Android phones finally were outselling iPhones. My first response to this is, well, maybe. My second response is, well it has been clear all along this was going to happen at some point.
  • OMMA Mobile: None of Us Is Rolls-Royce Edition
    At next week's OMMA Mobile on May 12 in New York, we are trying to focus on the app marketing and media economy, in part by using a wide-angle rather than a macro lens. Instead of fetishizing the app unto itself, most of our speakers and panels are putting the format into a larger context of marketing goals and connected mobile, online and offline marketing programs.
  • The Return Of The Web App
    As the battle raged on over Apple's stance on Adobe Flash, Steve Jobs dropped at least one little kernel of truth in his "Thoughts on Flash" missive last week. I won't get into who is more proprietary than whom (but, really, what Cupertino corporate-speak hashish is that guy smoking?). But in making the case for Apple's supposed open spirit (no, really, where does one score stuff like that?) Jobs points to Apple's development of the WebKit that now drives many mobile sites on iPhone, Android, Palm, Nokia and (soon) BlackBerry smart phone. In fact, some of us recall when Apple …
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