• Like Butta: Fabio's Smooth Mobile Move
    I am a big fan of comebacks. John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, Wink Martindale: I just love when minor talents get second acts. So you know I am just loving the resurrection of Fabio in the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter campaigns. Now Fabio goes mobile in the very clever and effective WAP microsite that Crisp Wireless constructed for MindShare Interaction and its client Unilever. The branded entertainment riffs and goofs on the Fabio ethos.
  • The 1% Opportunity?
    Nielsen Media Research tried to send a chill down the spine of the mobile video industry yesterday by reporting how few of the people who can view video on the go actually do. In its first Anywhere Anytime Media Measurement study of remote media access, Nielsen claimed that less than 1% of content played on iPods is video.
  • Redialing, Part 1: Mobile Browsing
    As anyone who ever signed up for an online calendaring program or contact-sharing network well knows, it is hard to keep up good intentions in the digital world. More often than not, we promise ourselves that this time we will keep up with these little digital conveniences, and diligently add our contacts into the database or maintain our public calendar. In the end, the success of technologies, soft or hard, boils down to habit.
  • Mobile Gets College Smarts
    This idea that we now explicitly trade directly with consumers for their attention, and even put monetary value on it, is only going to become more important as the consumer-centric media environment evolves. Of course all of this boils down to whether the advertiserssubsidizer has something of real value to trade for a few cells of my consciousness.
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