• Report: Ads From Major Platforms, Brands Support Piracy -- And Apps Are Now Driving The Threat
    Google, Facebook and Amazon--- and to a lesser extent other Fortune 500 brands -- helped drive an estimated $1.34 billion to sites and apps distributing pirated movies and TV shows, and ads on apps are growing fastest, says a new report.
  • The Mobile Medium Is Not The Message: It's Much, Much More
    I know this will sound like heresy to readers of "Mobile Insider," but I don't believe mobile is a medium, per se. Rather, it's an enabling technology.
  • Are Viewers Still Watching TV Shows On Mobile?
    At the start of the pandemic, a survey of 5,002 people showed 30% could be found watching a TV show on their mobile devices weekly.
  • Yet One More Column 'Droning' On About The Potential Of QR Codes
    A quarter century after they were first introduced, mobile device QR codes are finally achieving mass adoption.