• Chromecast's Less-Is-More Mobile-to-TV Connection Could Be Brilliant
    Google made some impressive basic decisions in designing Chromecast, which puts almost all of the power and innovative possibilities into the hands of a huge range of developers. Despite its beta state, this is not your older brother's Google TV, or even Apple AirPlay.
  • See This? Mobile Users Twice As Likely To Share Content On Their Social Networks
    Well, go figure! Mobile devices really are person-to-person tools, despite our efforts to turn them into computers. Marketers need to start focusing on the mobilized social networks as specific behaviors like content sharing are heightened.
  • Building The Better In-Store Mobile Companion
    Understanding whether, where, and how physical retail shoppers want to be mobilized will be the next stage for merchants. What will it take for a consumer to welcome the retailer onto their phone to become a live shopping assistant?
  • Krushing On Kurtzman...Or Summer Reading For Media Eggheads
    It is time to start thinking harder about the forms and roles mobility will take. History is one way to free our imaginations from the models of the recent past.
  • Jumping The #sharknado: Big Fish Tales In Social Media
    The discrepancy between Twitter activity around the Syfy Sharknado TV movie and actual ratings reminds us of the human reality behind social media. Sometimes a social media post is a way of being seen as engaging in the hip new thing you really aren't engaging.
  • Growing Despite Itself: M-Payments May Exceed $1 Billion This Year In The U.S.
    eMarketer reduces its estimates for near-term growth of proximity mobile payments, even as that market in the U.S. is expected to exceed $1 billion this year. History and global examples suggest this will take a very long time to evolve.
  • Retail Associates: All iPadded Up With Nowhere To Go?
    Retailers continue to be of two minds about the introduction of mobile devices in-store. Only a fifth of major companies surveyed even offer WiFi to customers. Most of the mobile devices in the hands of staff will be aimed at back-office processes, not at improving customer experience.
  • Digging Into Our History of Intent
    Consumers leave a long trail of social signals over the months and years that can be perfect for industries that are perennially remarketing to fans.
  • Mobile Users Losing Patience With Un-Optimized Email
    With 43% of users saying they now read their emails most often on mobile devices, the expectation of friendlier formats is growing. In fact, companies that don't optimize for mobile could be begging for the dreaded delete swipe.
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