• App-Conomy Still Booming On Paid Content Surge
    The app economy is still booming, driven by growth on China and emerging categories like lifestyle, productivity and gaming. But just as the app ecosystem we imagined ten years ago has morphed radically, one wonders how much it will change again in the next five years.
  • The Truth About Location-Based Mobile Advertising
    Targeting by location alone does not negate the need for audience targeting. Advertisers who are too focused on location may overlook the most basic objective of good advertising: reaching the right people with the right message.
  • What Is Your Quit Rate?
    If you have an SMS or Push program, you may be neglecting one of the most useful metrics you have to guide your content -- the Quit Rate, which is simply the ratio of users who unsubscribe to those who act. It's the best measure of value versus annoyance in your messages.
  • And The Winner For Best Mobile In-Store Experience Is...
    My quest to find a truly great mobile enhanced retail experience is as yet unfulfilled. This is despite the fact that it has been the "year of mobile," every year since 2012. Admittedly, there have been many steps forward.
  • SXSW: Notes From An Old Fart
    The mosh pit that is SXSW renders few substantial themes. The show is all over the place, physically and thematically. You get more from overhearing conversations and meetups.
  • The Rise And Fall Of Price Comparison Apps - How To Avoid A Similar Fate
    Companies have an opportunity to encourage growth in online spending and improve customer engagement by incorporating value-add features into their mobile apps and Web sites that streamline the online buying experience. By taking the time to understand customer needs and motivations, and by re-evaluating mobile strategy in the larger context of what the entire digital landscape has to offer, businesses can benefit from richer, deeper, and more profitable customer relationships.
  • SXSW: Heading Into The Bubble
    SXSW is all about the proverbial bleeding edge. But it is also a bubble, where we often lose sight of the deep ambivalence Americans at large really hold for many of the technologies that gadgeteers champion as revolutionary.
  • Social Is Mobile, Mobile Is Social
    Instagram is far and away the fastest-growing social media network. It is fueled by mobile adoption as well as a different sprit from the rest. And it raises the question of how mobility changes social media as we have known it.
  • 10 Tips To Help Move Your Client Partner-Agency Relationship Forward
    The satisfaction of clients, the happiness of the team, and the innovative work that inspires both your client and your agency team helps to contribute to a company's success as well as the team's growth. When all of these objectives are met, a true partnership can develop, and successful businesses encourage strong partnerships.
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