• A Brave New World... Of 360-Degree Immersive Porn On Smartphones!
    I can almost hear the collective sigh of relief. Our long national nightmare is over: We finally have fully immersive, 360-degree interactive pornography on our smartphones.
  • YouTube Goes 'Mobile, Mobile, Mobile'
    There's no mistake where online video viewing trends are headed. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki unveiled a major redesign of its mobile app this week at VidCon, adding: "We're focused on three top priorities: mobile, mobile and mobile!"
  • I'm Not Even A 'Star Wars' Geek, And I Love Its App
    A pair of new branded apps from Disney remind us that even in an age of user-generated media, we still can use a little help from the professionals.
  • Will 'Direct Response' Ads Undermine 'My Response' To Instagram?
    Instagram is about to open its platform to all advertisers, using self-serve technology and direct-response functionality. But is Instagram really a "call to action" environment?
  • Apple S-News-zzz?: Aggregated Media Is The New Bland
    In its beta version, Apple's News aggregation app does what Apple tends to do lately: improving on an established genre without rethinking it. The result reminds us just how bland the news aggregation experience is.
  • My iPhone Needs A Gun
    This is the eighth summer of the iPhone era, and the eighth year of these columns. What better time to put on a true golden oldie "Mobile Insider" from the summer of 2007? Longtime readers will recall my then-teen (now college coed) daughter and then-girlfriend (now wife) were prominent players in our mutual discovery of the new smartphone era. Eight years later and I still need my daughter to give me lessons on the proper use of trending apps like Snapchat, and my wife still commands me to "write a column" about "what they really ought to do in these …
  • Emotion-Based Interfaces: Or, My Quantified Self Is Really Starting To Bug Me
    T-3's ingenious "hands-free Tinder" app will use Apple Watch's heart-rate monitor to find matches triggered by a quickened heartbeat. Get ready for the emotion-based interface.
  • Branded Adventure: Bolthouse Show Live Streams A Borscht Cocktail
    An early example of branded live streaming from Bolthouse Farms tells us a bit about the potential of the form. Brands can craft little adventures worth taking with the unique dynamic live-streaming invites.
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