• Shut Up! 28% Of Companies Still Un-Mobilized
    Outside the mobile media bubble, many CIOs remain unsure of how their companies should mobilize, if at all. Don't blame them. We have created an economy whose functionality and ROI are obtuse and expensive.
  • Mobiquity Opens Mall-Based Beacon Network To Developers
    One of the most extensive in-mall proximity networks is opening its beacon platform up to developers via an SDK. the promise is to layer behavioral data atop geo data for richer experiences. The risk is -- well, you know.
  • Bringing The Store To The Customer... No, Really
    Two location-based programs that IPG Media Lab highlighted from their SXSW trip show how some retailers are reimagining the outdoor space in ways that extend their physical presence more effectively than mere signage.
  • Be An Appliance, Not A Gadget: Do Marketers Overestimate Mobile Comfort?
    Marketers are by nature early adopters of relevant technology. So how much does that color their perceptions of other consumers? When it comes to mobility, where user behaviors are still unclear and subject to wold speculation, it's easy to confuse our own experience with the customer's.
  • Facebook Video Ads And The New :15? Should TV Creative Even Be Here?
    Facebook seems to believe its new video ad format will not only take on TV in reach but compel advertisers to rethink the 15-second spot. In order for these intrusive units to make any sense to this user, someone better be "re-thinking" the TV :15 really, really hard.
  • Nano-Toons? Mobisodics? Pocket Vaudeville? What Will Mobile Media Look Like, Anyway?
    Glances, double-takes, catchphrases, slivers of everyday life, pregnant moments, moments at the brink of meaning -- this is the stuff of micro-video art. Somewhere in here new genres are emerging.
  • Vine Gets A Hays Code: No More Six-Second Sex For You
    In looking at Vine's new prohibition against sexually explicit content, it's hard not to recall the Hays Code of 1930. But in this case it is the cool kids putting the hammer down. Well, you can ban certain content -- but good luck excising prurient interest.
  • Apple's $1 Billion TV 'Hobby' Is Starting To Feel Like A 90s Cable Company
    Do we really need to wait for a next-generation Apple TV for true innovation in TV interfaces? Set-top and streaming boxes seem to be engaged in a 90s-style cable competition to carry more channels rather than reimagining the experience.
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