• Hell, No, Apple and Samsung: I Am Not Going Back To Wearing A Watch
    No way am I strapping on the manacle timepiece of old. Samsung and Apple want to make wearable technology the next big thing? Come up with another outmoded technology to leverage.
  • Story + Data: Kevin Spacey Makes The Case For Art In A Post-Pilot, Screen-Agnostic Future
    Kevin Spacey just gave one of the most succinct, thoughtful and inspiring talks about what art and business may await us beyond TV as we have known it. It is a tease to think harder about what we are doing and what we might do with a multi-screen world.
  • Context And The Humanizing Of The Brand: Our Summit Video Show Reel
    As the brand marketer presentations at the Mobile Insider Summit all demonstrate, targeting "contexts" forces us into a richer understanding of who the customer is and what she thinks and does. Ultimately, it forces brands to have more human interactions.
  • Upping The Game
    Recent tablet game titles suggest that devices will pose a serious challenge to the attractiveness of the next generation of pricey consoles from Microsoft and Sony. They also show how immersive these platforms can be to users.
  • Are Android Tablets Still All Tech-ed Up With Nowhere To Go?
    As someone who was among the leading detractors of Google's premature and under-powered entry into the tablet market, even I think the platform now is getting a bad rap. Content and usage will begin to surge here.
  • 'Mobile' Shopping Is Not So 'Mobile' After All
    We may need to rethink our use of the term "mobile." Not only does it inaccurately conflate tablet and smartphone -- two very different devices -- but it also over-generalizes the contexts and use cases it embraces. More often than not, home is where the phone is.
  • Tell Me A Second-Screen Story
    Audiences may be ready for new ways of engaging stories across screens. But just as genres demand different types of second-screen experiences, there is a continuum of viewer types who want to engage the tale from different angles.
  • Glance-o-Vision: The Lock Screen As New Media Space
    If users are hitting their phones up to 150 times a day, then that lock screen suddenly becomes a medium in and of itself. One company is trying to turn it into billboard-like real estate, but you have to wonder what else might be possible here.
  • Mobile Takes The Digital Lead As Online Surpasses TV
    Time spent online is set to surpass TV this year, eMarketer says. The main culprit is mobile, which has both expanded and liberated the digital media consumption day.
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