• Video Extra: AdBlock Plus Enters The Lion's Den
    At this week's Programmatic Insider Summit, the exchange between AdBlock Plus and a room full of digital advertising professionals was terse, candid and predictably one-sided.
  • Mobile Driving Gaming Growth
    The mobile sector should swell from $35 billion this year to $48 billion by 2020, according to a fresh forecast from tech advisory firm Digi-Capital. If accurate, that means mobile's share of the overall gaming market will increase from 39% this year to 42% by 2020 -- representing an 8% compound annual growth rate.
  • 60% Of All Mobile Banner Ad Clicks Are Accidents
    According to a survey from mobile location firm Retale, 60% of clicks on mobile banner ads are mistakes. Users most often encounter banner ads when checking the news (65%), using social media (50%), playing games (47%), watching videos (45%) and listening to music (45%).
  • Facebook's Instant Articles Revamp Wins Over Publishers
    After decidedly mixed reviews when it debuted last year, Facebook's Instant Articles publishing platform is winning over publishers with new options that make it easier to monetize their content.
  • Ready For The Mobile Tipping Point?
    In 2016, a larger percentage of email opens will take place on a mobile device than on a desktop, according to predictions. What does this mean for email marketers? It's time to put forth a better experience. Here are five awesome ways to enhance the customer email experience on mobile phones.
  • The Trump-ification Of 2016: The Super Bowl Implodes
    Like our politics this year, the advertising around Super Bowl 50 may be sad indications of institutional decline - just how detached the rituals have become from their original purpose.
  • Email: King Of The Smartphone
    Several design changes will likely transform the iOS user experience when the iPhone 7 is released in the fall, but email will continue to dominate smartphone use.
  • Optimize SMS Response
    A recent study by Experian found that those who subscribe to both email and SMS were four times more likely to transact with a particular brand than subscribers to email alone. This is somewhat a self-fulfilling prophecy; your super fans are more likely to engage via multiple channels.
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