• Excuse Me - I Think My iPhone Farted
    As the IPOs mount and social media rolls out its monetization plans, the so-called user experience of mobile is becoming louder, more intrusive and chaotic. Is anyone thinking about what mobile media could be in our lives?
  • Shut Up! Few Of Us Are Even On Speaking Terms With Siri
    Voice interfaces are a long way from common use, for technical and social reasons. But our fascination with the idea of the amiable robot assistant probably tells us more about our ambivalence about the machines we covet.
  • Monitoring Desire In TwitterLand
    HipLogiq's new social media marketing tool allows marketers to respond directly to public expressions of desire or intent on Twitter, and then leverages that influence. Cool -- but don't stop there. Let advertisers compete and bid for my attention.
  • Mobile Streaming May Be The ITV We Never Got
    Rhythm NewMedia's LivePods ad format for live streaming video to devices is designed to interrupt the experience for only so long. It raises interesting questions about the level of user interaction we will get from mobile TV.
  • Supercell's Super Sale: Tablet Game Maker Gets $1.5 Billion Stake
    A massive investment in a tablet-first game maker reflects the sheer velocity and depth of shift in gaming to mobile and social platforms. Still, marketers and media critics themselves haven't really figured out how to discuss and leverage that amazing game passion.
  • Is Showrooming The New Normal?
    If the latest consumer surveys about mobile's role in the shopping process are even half right, then the impact of mobility on retail will be as complex and nuanced as profound. The entire shopping experience is transformed once users understand they are no longer cut off from their greatest ally - information.
  • The Revenge Of The Mobile Web
    As more mobile app shortcuts fill my smartphone home screen, it becomes clear to me that for many content categories, the mobile Web rivals the app environment in its potential to engage -- even as it excels at discovery.
  • Confidence In Smartphone M-commerce May Be Approaching Tablets
    Mobile commerce worldwide is gaining momentum as people become more comfortable hitting the buy button on devices rather than the desktop.
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