• Why Trump Just Picked A Fight With Facebook
    While far more significant matters go unattended at home and abroad, our whiner-in-chief is now bashing American tech companies by name. Yes, from his bully pulpit on Twitter, the "real" Donald Trump took direct aim at Facebook on Wednesday, calling what is arguably the country's most innovative corporation "anti-Trump."
  • Apple Relaunches App Store With Focus On Discovery
    Why aren't consumers downloading new apps? That's the billion-dollar question on which the health of the mobile ecosystem rests. Accepting part of the blame, Apple believes it can do a better job helping people discover apps they likely never knew existed.
  • Apple's Still Got It!
    Yes, Apple still has a unique ability to create sinfully sexy gadgets with similarly drool-inducing functionality. That was clear this week with the debut of the iPhone X, Apple's forthcoming flagship phone featuring a sleek edge-to-edge screen, a glass back, higher resolution and energy efficiency thanks to an OLED display, 3-D touch technology, facial recognition sensors, and wireless charging.
  • Is Facebook Making Up Audience Estimates?
    What does Facebook know that the U.S. Census Bureau doesn't? I ask because the social giant is claiming that its Ads Manager can potentially reach 41 million 18-to-24s within the country, even though the Census Bureau only counted 31 million 18-to-24s last year.
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