• The Return Of The Son Of The Mary Meeker Mobile Monster Deck
    The subtitle of Mary Meeker's latest monster state of the Internet deck could be "Revenge of the Masses" or "Mass Media In Reverse." The media coming from users, rather than to them, is where the action will be.
  • Magazines Redux: Getting Wise To The Tablet
    After treating tablets as just another distribution vehicle, magazines are starting to see this as an opportunity to marry their print and Web efforts in more creative ways.
  • Tablet/Smartphone Commerce Site Share Escalates: So Where Are The Cool Multi-Screen Experiences?
    According to Monetate's EQ survey, activity at commerce sites from devices nearly doubled since last year. So when is someone going to help me juggle those multiple screens?
  • Crafting Moments: Mobile As A Reflex, Not A Medium
    For most of us the real everyday mobile media is when we see something astonishing that we want to record or share. That is the passion that marketers really want to understand, inspire, facilitate and align with.
  • Direct-To-App: Hollywood Tries Freemium
    A b-grade horror flick was released direct to the app format today. App-goers will be invited to buy the film by the section if they like through in-app purchases.
  • Living The Watchman Dream Should Help Us Think Outside The TV Everywhere Box
    TV Everywhere may suffer from low ambitions. We don't really want our devices to behave like TV circa 1980, do we? Programmers should be thinking about adding real value.
  • Google Study Claims Massive M-Shopping Impact
    In its latest push to demonstrate the power of mobile, especially search, on the marketing economy, Google released research today arguing that smartphones are dramatically changing the retail experience.
  • Google Builds A Little iOS Fiefdom
    Google slipped into its Gmail for iOS app a new intra-app functionality that circumvents Apple's stronghold on default apps. The app ecosystem is straining against the ways we want to use these platforms.
  • 'Daddy, Kill It For Me?' And Other Heartwarming Mobile Moments
    The way marketers define "mobile moments" is quite different from how most consumers are coming to define them in their everyday lives and the real relationships that still form the core of the mobile "medium."
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