• A Pocketful Of Coupons
    Using mobile phones as couponing devices was one of the first good ideas for this platform, and an early success for a now-famous Dunkin Donuts latte promotion. SMS makes this a fairly easy thing to do, and I am a bit surprised that more of it isn't going on....
  • Meanwhile, Back in the Podcasting Lab...
    As video podcasting and cell phone media evolve on parallel tracks, we are bound to see a lot of cross-pollination and kinships evolve between these platforms.
  • Too-High Hopes?
    OK, OK, we get it. Major brands are speed-dialing into mobile marketing plans at a pace that makes their previous move to the Web seem glacial by comparison. There are no hard numbers yet to show how much actual revenue is starting to flow into mobile, but we do know that intentions are running very high, perhaps too high.
  • Getting In The Mobile Game
    Mobile advergaming has that air of inevitability. It is not a matter of whether, so much as when... and how much.
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