• British Invasion Of The Second Screen: Zeebox Arrives
    The long-awaited UK import to the second-screen app market arrives today. Zeebox may actually live up to its own hype. If anything, its depth and polish may be as much of a distraction as a complement from the "first screen."
  • Way Beyond The Wallet: From Takeout To Personalized Dining Experiences
    As we imagine new ways of integrating mobile devices into everyday activities, they gain the power to change environments and experiences. Enhanced by mobile, the restaurant of the future may be like the restaurant of the distant past: it will know your name and what you like.
  • The Smartest Thing About Apple's Passbook? It Isn't Called a 'Wallet'
    The arrival of the iOS Passbook could be a game changer when it comes to using smartphones for coupons, offers and virtual gift/cash cards. It solves a problem that smartphones ironically helped create.
  • The Mobile-To-Desktop Synergy: Not Snacking But Tasting
    Even SMBs are finding large amounts of traffic already coming to them from mobile browsers. Most are just visiting, not buying. But we need to better understand how mobile is being used as a bookmark tool for the desktop Web.
  • iOS 6 Fly-By: Yelp! Gets A Shout-Out From Apple
    Among the biggest changes to iOS 6 is the mapping, now powered by Apple itself. But with digital local listings still in an early, using Apple's maps as an information interface feels a bit 2005-ish.
  • Spurned By Apple, YouTube App Targets Lean-Back Mobile Moments
    Days before iOS kicks YouTube off the iPhone deck, Google issues its own much-improved app for the video giant. The more sculpted and personalized experience seems to target mobile lean-back moments.
  • Lean-Back With Benefits: Discovery Vs. Search In T-Commerce
    As we continue to explore the complexities of interactivity with devices and touch interfaces, it becomes clearer that marketers need to address moods and modes. We are beyond the "use case."
  • The Netflix Effect: In A Multi-Screen World, Being Seamless Is The Next Big Task
    Multi-screen media user is as much about sequential use of multiple devices for the same task each day as it is about simultaneous use of two or more screens. Get in sync.