• Over-Beaconed Shoppers Opt Out
    As retail apps are increasingly accepted by consumers, it is imperative that retailers utilize beacons to retain customers, vie for their discretionary spending, and motivate them to return. Through the use of beaconing, retailers can obtain valuable data about consumer in-store experiences.
  • My iPhone, My Self: Fumbling For Life's New Remote
    We are only beginning to understand the extent to which these devices are blending the functionality of media with that of real world tools. It is becoming an extension of ourselves in that classic McLuhanesque way: a method of asserting power and reach.
  • How iPhone 6 Sensors Will Change Mobile Advertising
    All our research suggests that people are spending more and more time on their mobile devices - searching, shopping, communicating, sharing, and gaming. But most take for granted the superior hardware inside our devices that enables us to perform these daily tasks in a seamless, fluid manner. A significant piece of hardware will be the key that unlocks more utility from both a consumer and advertising perspective: namely, sensors.
  • Devices And OTT Lead Video Consumption Growth
    People are taking control of their TV experience and at the same time fleeing the desktop viewing experience about as fast as the bandwidth will keep up.
  • Mobile Games Paving The Way For A New Advertising Paradigm
    Increasingly, consumers, developers and brands are turning to the rewarded model as the solution that works. What makes the rewarded model so appealing is that it means advertising is inherently integrated into the users' content experience, and the value exchange proposition is completely transparent. With the momentum building behind the rewarded ad model, advertising is in a position to deliver benefits to the end-user, the advertiser and the publisher.....finally.
  • Honey, My iPhone Shrunk My Fingers!
    While preliminary and incomplete, some early metrics suggest that iPhone 6 users are using those bigger screens to interact more with advertising -- and even generate more ROI for advertisers.
  • Facebook's New Emerging Market Mobile Strategy Is A Win For Brands
    The GSMA forecasts that global smartphone penetration in emerging markets is set to increase over the next several years, and these regions are vital for ongoing success among major brands with mobile reach. In order to remain globally relevant, companies such as Apple, Samsung, Facebook and Twitter as well as major consumer brands must evolve in order to appeal to mobile users in developing nations, especially if they are to capture and retain consumer attention. Facebook, which has historically pioneered connectivity strategies, has recently made further strides in targeting mobile consumers in developing nations through a new, experimental ad strategy.
  • Phab Is Pfun - But Something Even Bigger Is Coming
    With two weeks adjusting to the iPhone 6 Plus, it is hard to imagine downscaling. But bigger screens may just be a stopgap measure on our way to ubiquitous connectivity.
  • Four Mobile Strategies To Optimize Radio Advertising For Local Businesses
    As one of the first forms of mass media, radio continues to be the top vehicle to reach local audiences for stations and advertisers. Through interactive radio, businesses can utilize the significant reach of radio while optimizing their ads with a digital component to better deliver ROI and bring in new customers.
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