• Mobile Apps Facing More Bad Actor Disruptions?
    When you are involved in a big-time insurrection, you need a quick form of communication, like a "push-to- talk" mobile app.
  • 2020 Was Banner Year For Mobile App Downloads, Too
    The mobile apps marketplace surpassed $100 billion for the first time, according to estimates released this week by Trading Platforms.
  • Video, Contextual, 5G Are 2021's Key Mobile Opportunities, Say Buyers, Other Digital Experts
    Due to the pandemic’s stay-at-home dynamic, mobile has seen some of its thunder stolen this past year by other media — digital video/OTT and connected TV in particular. Last year, 81% of media buyers, publishers and other digital experts surveyed by Integral Ad Science (IAS) for its annual Industry Pulse Report cited mobile (both web and app-based) as a high priority for their organizations, making it the most-cited among seven possible media choices. This year, 48% of the 230 experts surveyed cited mobile (again, both web and app) as a high priority. Still, that was about on par with social …
  • Who's On First? Why Mobile Increasingly Isn't My 'Second Screen'
    Every new medium gets on base by comparing itself to the most established one, which is why mobile has been dubbed the "second screen" relative to TV. Here's why it's increasingly the primary one.
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