• Nudging The Envelope
    Now that every marketer worth his or her salt has a short code, a wallpaper, and ringtone, we are entering into that challenging but exciting time in any medium when the players actually have to be creative.
  • Xero's Sum Game
    By giving college student users some free wireless airtime in exchange for viewing up to four video ads a day on their handsets, Xero Mobile's scheme enjoys the distinct advantage of being both novel and a bit audacious. But do the Xeros add up to a viable plan?
  • Closing the Ad-Support Deal
    Months ago, we started this column predicting that a fully ad-subsidized wireless service would emerge in the next year. Right on cue, the dubiously named Xero Mobile popped onto the radar this month with plans to exchange free airtime to college student subscribers for watching a set number of video ads each day.
  • CTIA: Texting It In
    Vegas doesn't have much for me. I don't drink, don't smoke, don't gamble. So my only option at the CTIA Wireless Show in Las Vegas last week was to scratch beneath the surface of the panel sessions on mobile marketing and catch a few rumors and innuendo....
  • A Few Of Our Favorite Things
    One of the original aims of this column was to highlight good work, to shout out and dissect the more creative uses of the mobile medium for extending brands into pockets and starting conversations with consumers on the most personal medium.
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