• Apple's 25/65 Rule
    Apple has a 25% share of the mobile OS market, but controls 65% of app revenues -- interesting stats as federal regulators look at antitrust implications of Big Tech.
  • Q&A: Appnovation's Scott Wassmer On What 5G Means For Brands
    Brands will have unprecedented opportunities to create immersive experiences, but consistency is likely to be a challenge in the short term, says this digital agency executive.
  • The Next Big Mobile Media Battle Will Be Inside The Home
    Almost no medium is more associated with reaching people outside their homes than mobile, but that may change soon.
  • Your Mobile Device, Your TV Remote: Companions Or Frenemies?
    One 2019 estimate by Mary Meeker, internet trend analyst, said roughly 90% of Americans keep a phone close by while watching TV.
  • The Medium Is The Messaging App
    Add A2P to the growing list of important media technology acronyms: application-to-person, a catch-all for peer-to-peer messaging apps.
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