• Are Social Apps Bumming People Out?
    At least on a national level, good news has recently been in short supply. Folks have more cause for disagreement, with more platforms on which to butt heads than ever before. It should come as no surprise, then, that people aren't in the best mood when using social apps like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Mobile Video Ad Spend Overtakes Display
    Is it time to stop thinking of the Web as mobile versus desktop? It's a sentiment I've heard a lot this year, and it speaks to the maturity of mobile, and our evolving conception of media consumption. However, without such distinctions, I couldn't clearly communicate some interesting developments. For instance, for the first time ever, we know now that video on mobile overtook video on display.
  • Study: One Third Of Marketers Exposed To Fraud On Mobile Web, Apps
    As we approach the end of another year, mobile seems to be facing as many challenges as opportunities. Along with maturing growth and mounting competition on all fronts, few challenges loom as large as ad fraud. Once a problem reserved for desktop marketers, mobile ad fraud has become a huge deal, according to a new survey of top marketers by Forrester. In fact, more than a third of enterprise marketers estimate that at least 40% of their budgets are now exposed to fraud both on mobile web and mobile apps.
  • Binge Watching Goes Mobile -- And Appy
    What do you want first, app developers? The good news, or the bad? The good news is that consumers can't get enough video on their phones, and, as such, there's room for more apps. The bad news? In a word: competition.
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