• 'It's a Free Concert from Now On'
    If you are old enough to remember those famous lines by Woodstock announcer John Morris, then you probably also understand its profound historical irony. Woodstock may have been the exact moment when rock and roll became anything but free....
  • Texting: The Medium We Hate to Love
    One of the things I love about mobile media is that consumers themselves have "evolved" the platform in unexpected ways. For instance, who would have guessed that ringtones would be the runaway content hit on this platform?
  • Back In the Game
    The announcements about mobile in-game advertising came out of last week's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) pretty much as expected. Hot on the heels of Microsoft's recent acquisition of in-game network Massive, Bill Gates was touting the potential of cross-platform gaming, from PC to Web to Xbox Live 360 to mobile.
  • Speaking Up For Voice
    Ironically, the most under-utilized part of the mobile phone for marketing is voice. Texting, WAP, and mobile TV gets so much attention these days that it is easy to forget that the spoken word is still the most powerful, certainly the most popular, mode of communication at work on the handset.
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