• Ready Or Not, Smart, Connected Appliances Are Coming
    While consumers may not be driven to stores to check out or buy the latest smart appliances so they can live on the leading edge, the appliances they buy may come with smarts, whether desired or not.
  • Want To Do Mobile Loyalty Well? Just Pop Into A Starbucks (And Jump The Queue)
    Combining loyalty with payment and putting it all in an app that lets users jump the queue. Why isn't everyone following suit?
  • Mobile Messages: The New Subject Lines
    We need to invest the same amount of measurement, personalization and testing in notifications and texts that we do with email subject lines.
  • How Video Is Changing Instagram
    On Instagram, users "like" still pictures a lot more than videos. Selfies and such generate nearly double the number of "likes," according to fresh data from Pixability. So why is everyone going crazy for video? As the video marketing firm finds, people are consistently commenting more in Instagram videos, and comments represent a deeper level of engagement than likes.
  • Low Spenders The Best Mobile Target For Retailers
    While many retailers have poured substantial resources into the development of mobile apps, most consumers tend to revert to using their mobile phones to seek out Web sites -- essentially the same old behavior migrated from using personal computers.
  • Apple Says Apps Ripe For Rich Storytelling
    To rival Netflix and Amazon as a bona fide entertainment platform, Apple knows that original content is a must. It's the only way to truly differentiate your service, and hit shows are priceless from a marketing perspective. But a show about apps?! Yes, the tech giant has enlisted Will.i.am and veteran TV execs, Ben Silverman and Howard Owens, to develop a non-scripted series about apps
  • I Have Seen The Future, And It's Mobile And Fleeting
    It's becoming clearer than ever that mostly mobile applications like Snapchat are the future of programmatic advertising.
  • Millennials Love Their Phone Like A TV
    If it seems as if watching video on cell phones is becoming a ubiquitous pastime, that's because it is. About 81% of Americans who use smartphones are now streaming video on those phones, a trend driven in large part by those under 25, NPD Group said in a new report.
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