• Radio Shack Campaign Finds Proximity Matters, But Not The Way You Would Think
    It makes sense in retrospect that click rates on Radio Shack's mobile campaigns actually went up as the user was farther from the store. But it reminds us how little we appreciate about the difference between mobile devices and the Web.
  • A Phone by Zuckerberg? Or Why You Don't See Too Many Facebook 'Fan-Boys' Around
    Memorial Day weekend was abuzz with fresh rumors that Facebook is getting serious (no, really, this time) about launching its own phone or mobile OS. Because this is the brand from whom we want to buy a phone? Huh?
  • 'What Did I Miss?': TV Attention Suffers A Big Hit From Second Screens
    Some TV content may be too good for the actual circumstances of consuming it in a multi-screen living room. Second screens certainly erode attention even as they offer some hope for retrieving it..
  • Shut That Off! Or Oversharing In The Age of Personal Broadcasting
    With an HD recorder in hand, we are all media companies now, and our lives are the TV series. Mobile devices are one of the great new tools for connecting with one another. What will they do to help us connect with our own 'selves'?
  • Smartphones Are First Choice For Second Screen
    According to IAB-sponsored research, people juggling multiple screens in the living room may actually be more attentive to ads. Interestingly, smartphone and tablet owners appear to be using their second screens for different things.
  • Mobile Shopping Is Not Mobile Buying, And It Is Not Just About Being In-Store
    A JWT study of mobile shopping finds that much of this activity is occurring in home, not in the store, and people remain reticent to purchase via devices. But evidence is mounting that phones and tablets are not so much 'mobile' screens as they are personal screens.
  • Money Follows Money: The Exploding Finance Category Signals More to Come
    According to one of the leading ad networks, Millennial Media, the mobile ad spend from the finance vertical grew massively in 2011. Consider this a starting gun for even bigger, across-the-board ad investment as devices become where people manage and spend their money.
  • Intercept and Incentivize: Following The Mobile Shopper
    Women are among the most informed and active mobile shoppers. According to new research from TotalBeauty Media, using phones and tablets has already become a standard part of most women's purchase process.
  • NHL PrePlay App Looks Beyond Check-ins, Tune-ins and Social TV
    The National Hockey League is going beyond Social TV with second-screen gaming that revives a familiar predicitive play model. The hope is not only to get people to tune in or check in, but to stay in their seats, fully engaged with the TV programming.
  • Back To The Automat?: T.G.I. Friday's Mobilizes Self-Checkout
    Mobile self-checkout raises an interesting question for us all: how mobilized do we want the retail experience to be? Are we going back to the future and unwittingly developing Automat 2.0?