• Technology, Gadget Brands Top Mobile Direct Response
    This forward-leaning segment captured 24.3% of all ad dollars spent on performance campaigns during the second quarter. Among those campaigns, the most successful have been for apps that offer daily utility to users, such as those that increase photo storage or track stocks.
  • Why Marketers Can't Envision Their Mobile Future
    For reasons that escape me, just one in five companies around the globe have a defined mobile strategy that goes back at least 12 months. That's according to new research from Adobe, which included feedback from 4,000 marketers and digital professionals.
  • Pokemon Go Smeared By Specter Of Predators
    From privacy issues to the zombification of large populations of people, the Pokemon Go phenomenon has had some disturbing side effects. Taking the cake, however, a recent report showed how the game could lead to unwelcome encounters with registered sex offenders.
  • Mobile Payments Wait For Consumers; 59% Not Interested
    One of the most commonly expected and long-awaited aspects of mobile commerce has been the widespread adoption of mobile payments. Based on the latest research, that adoption looks like it will stay pretty much where it is for a while.
  • Pokemon Go Players Spending Real Money
    Popularity aside, how is Pokemon Go doing financially? Pretty well, according to fresh findings from the pollsters at YouGov. So far, players have spent (wasted?) more than $250 million on coins, eggs, incubators, and other virtual items that help them advance in the game. Specifically, in-app payments surpassed $268 million just five weeks after the game's launch.
  • 85% Of Shoppers Unlikely To Go Back After A Bad Mobile Experience; 95% Want Issues Resolved On First Try
    More shoppers are looking for direct help from the companies they are dealing with, yet when mobile shoppers look for contact details to get help in their purchase, many of them come up short and end up cancelling the transaction.
  • How Mobile Has Reshaped Shopper Marketing Campaigns
    The Association of National Advertisers and GfK have some new research out showing just how important mobile has become to shopper marketing campaigns Specifically, shopper marketing has progressed from only driving short-term sales to motivating shopper behavior more broadly, the ANA and GfK find.
  • Making Sense Of Mobile Search
    How is the mobile revolution reshaping search, shopping, and customer relationship management? That's a big question, of course, but some new findings from Hitwise -- a division of Connexity -- point us in the right direction.
  • SMS Keywords: Beware Autocorrect And Other BPs
    An SMS keyword is the response a customer texts to your short code to get a coupon, enter a contest, subscribe to email or SMS, or download a whitepaper. Naturally, you want to make it as quick and easy as possible.
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