• Going Seamless: In Search Of The Unified Media Field
    Seamlessness is a relatively new media sensation that holds great promise for any marketer or media company wanting to establish a genuine relationship with users.
  • Activating The Care Bears And The Next-Gen TV Interactors
    Apple TV and its more open app platform may let TV and film developers craft interactive versions of their assets for a new generation of TV viewers who prefer to lean in.
  • A Half-Baked Apple TV
    This isn't the Apple TV Apple experience Apple had in mind. If anything, the new Apple TV underscores how ill-suited the app platform is to living room TV rituals.
  • Reimagining 'The News'
    The news may seem to be in peril as a business, but there is no shortage of creative thinking about how we want to consume this content on mobile devices.
  • Don't Miss The Personalization Revolution
    Over the next year or two, consumer-facing businesses will carefully rethink the notion of personalization -- or find themselves up a creek. That's the gist of some new findings from Cliff Condon, chief research and product officer at Forrester Research. And it almost goes without saying that mobile sits at the center of this personalization revolution.
  • Why Is Facebook Preparing For State-Sponsored Attacks?!
    Facebook's freakin' me out, man! I just want to kill some time with a couple cute cat videos, wish my buddy a very "HBD!" and like my nephew's latest selfie. Now, in a disconcerting post, Facebook says it's going to start informing me if my account "has been targeted or compromised by an attacker suspected of working on behalf of a nation-state."
  • Mobile Data: Off With The Old, And Keep It Off
    Delete, restore, delete. These days, people are more interested in gaining control of digital data and what others see after they're done with the device. Data left on a mobile phone or tablet can become a treasure trove for the wrong person when the owner wants to trade up or sell it to buy a new model. Most consumers think they have control over the data on their phone. Not so. Here's why and how to get rid of it.
  • Algorithms In A Post-App World
    Gartner analysts shared their vision for the future of technology in Orlando at the research firm's Symposium/ITxpo, describing a world where information gets pushed to consumers rather than pulled in through searches or actions, and cloud services are increasingly in demand.
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