• Senator Hawley Preps Bill To Ban TikTok
    TikTok "is China's backdoor into Americans' lives," Senator Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) said in a Twitter post.
  • Fluid, Not Mobile, Media
    According to a new GroupM report, the next generation of "multidevice mobile platform tech" will enable conventional mobile apps to move their UIs from one device to another without sweating any code modification. They call the experience "fluid."
  • Mobile Advertising Trends For 2023
    Attention to detail in designing and targeting mobile ads will be more crucial than ever this year and going forward.
  • What's On Deck For 'Mobile' At CES This Week: Not Much
    Zero keynotes. Zero featured speakers. Two featured sessions. And a total of 10 sessions of any kind tagged for "mobile" relevance.
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