• Q&A: Clean Rooms Aren't A Magic Solution For Addressability
    Todd Rose, head of business development, identity and addressability at mobile ad tech giant InMobi, advises marketers to tailor solutions to use cases.
  • Food For Thought, Inflation Too
    I haven't experienced every one of the Mobile Lions shortlist, but one stands out for tapping into the current cultural -- and economic -- zeitgeist: Dentsu's "Inflation Cookbook" app.
  • Mobile Data Broker Kochava Wants FTC's 'Scandalous' Complaint Kept Under Wraps
    The FTC's amended privacy complaint against Kochava is "rife with false statements" and contains "false and highly inflammatory allegations clearly aimed at misleading this court."
  • Feeling A Little Baudy
    As someone who first got online with a 1200 baud modem, I marvel at the speed of connectivity we all have now in our hands. According to research released this week, the average U.S. 5G connection is now 35 Mbps. That's 29,167 times faster than the dial-up modem I first used to get online.
  • Mobile App Advertising Up 14% To $336B In 2022, Non-Games Apps Drew 65%
    The mobile app for Disney+'s new ad-supported plan now accounts for 9% of its total U.S. in-app iOS app purchases.
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