• Showrooming Gets Complicated: Assessing The 'Amazon Risk' Is Not So Simple
    According to an extensive study by Placed, demographics, spend levels, product category and even a customer's relationship with Amazon may determine how much a retailer is at risk of being "showroomed."
  • Is Mobile Video Advertising More Effective Than TV Spots?
    There is a common-sense argument to be made that video ads viewed on a handset are, by the very nature of the viewing experience, more impactful than they are on TV or the Web.
  • New HuffPo iPad App Features Good Looks And Sociability
    Huffington Post finally gets an iPad app that makes a dent in organizing and presenting the portal's massive trove of diverse content in a swipe-friendly format.
  • Mobile Is For Browsing, Desktop Is For Buying
    A UK study suggests that trust and security are major choke points in converting mobile shoppers into mobile buyers. Okay, but how about the OSes that seem tone deaf to the basics needs of m-commerce?
  • Second Screening: The Retail Experience
    WiFi access at malls, stores and restaurants will be an opportunity for retailers to change the nature of the shopping and eating experience. Call it 'second screening' retail.
  • Going Native: Virgin Mobile Claims Brand Lift From Branded Content On BuzzFeed
    BuzzFeed's compelling brand of "native ads" appears to be paying off for Virgin Mobile, which attributes significant lifts in brand metrics to a year-long "newsroom" approach to branded content.
  • Video Matters: For HBO, Story Sells Story
    Can mobile really move the goods? HBO found that if they could get people to watch just a 'blip' of their stories paired with the right offer, consumers were ready to convert on the spot.
  • eHarmony Optimizes For Conversion: Mobile Can Touch The Heart While Sealing the Deal
    To convert browsers to paying members, eHarmony has learned to target mobilized prospects when and where they are most likely to lean back and engage the registration process.