• Mr. Watson, i12cu
    When Motorola researcher Martin Cooper made the first ever mobile phone call 50 years ago, he used it to get a rise out of his rival at Bell Labs. If he were doing it today, more likely than not, it would be via a text message. Pick your emoji of choice.
  • Try Typing With Your Thumbs!
    Coming to a theater near you: a free wireless internet signal that nobody knows what to do with, except some Canadian nerds.
  • Why It's Time To Listen To Mobile's First Anti-Fraud Evangelist
    Mobile marketing platform AppsFlyer this week named Andreas Naumann its -- and likely the ad industry's -- first anti-fraud evangelist. In this Q&A, he explains why mobile has become the biggest vector for fraud and why the ad industry has taken its eyes off the ball.
  • Closer Look At Gamers: Safe Ad Placement Does Matter
    Fully 44% of U.S. gamers say they'd likely avoid buying a brand whose ads appear near sexually explicit and other "risky" content.
  • Phygital Phantoms, Aliens And Other Mobile Mysteries Of The Week
    Independent agency SCS calls "phygital phantoms" a new mobile consumer archetype. As for Aliens, well, you'll have to keep reading (but not viewing) to learn about that.
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